Do you love to move? Laugh? Stretch and strengthen your body and your mind? Then these are the classes/workshops for you!


What is Choreo-Yoga?

Choreo-Yoga is a fusion of dance and yoga. Essentially it is a routine using both yoga and dance moves that is choreographed by me to a specific piece of music. I use the music as my inspiration for the movements that I will teach in the class.

The class begins with a yoga warm-up (sun salutations, etc.) to get the body moving. Poses that will be incorporated into the later choreography will be introduced at this time so that students can focus on proper shape, safety, and refinement.

Following the warm-up we will learn the sequence of moves that function as the choreography for the remainder of the class. We will add on bit by bit until we have the whole routine in hand, pausing to do various pieces to the music along the way.

Once the whole sequence has been learned, students will have the opportunity to repeat the choreography again and again until it become more natural in the body. Think less, move more!

And, as with any yoga class, we will end with a sweet savasana so that you can enjoy the peace and calm that all your efforts provide.

It is going to be a blast! I can’t wait. Hope to see you there!

When & Where?

Saturday, April 26th, 1:15-2:45pm at Maha Yoga 


Maha Yoga

1700 Sansom St, 6th Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19103


How Much?

Cost: $15


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