Yoga for Runners – 15 minute sequence

    As the Philadelphia half and full marathons approach this weekend (November 19th & 20th), I wanted to provide a short, 15 minute, yoga sequence for all the runners out there who need to stretch out the areas of their bodies that get tight from running. I recommend that you do this video post-run since current common wisdom is that static stretching is better for your body after your workout, rather than before. Dynamic stretches are better pre-run and I’ll be leading runners of the half and full marathon this weekend through a series of dynamic stretches immediately before the race (6-7am on Saturday and 5:30-6:30am on Sunday at Eakins Oval in front of the Art Museum). In this video we will open up the soles of the feet, calves, quads, hamstrings, hips, and chest. Through doing these kinds of stretches to balance out your body, you will be able to perform at your best this weekend. Enjoy!

YogaHOUR Barefoot Bootcamp

YogaHOUR Barefoot Bootcamp

2 days, 6 hours, 365 yoga poses

Want to take your yoga practice to a whole new level? Challenge yourself in the best possible way? Then this is the workshop for you. Over the course of two days we will practice all 365 poses in the yogaHOUR syllabus. The yogaHOUR syllabus consists entirely of poses within the realm of doable to difficult, but not extreme. Each three-hour practice session will include half of the poses in the syllabus sequenced in an intelligent way to make you feel as strong as you are flexible and as flexible as you are strong. Barefoot Bootcamp is a dharma difficult yet doable challenge that is sure to make an imprint. Come for either one or both sessions. Are you in?

YogaHOUR is an accessible, affordable, expertly taught flow class that offers clear and specific alignment instructions for the fit beginner. YogaHOUR aims to be the most doable yet difficult flow class offered anywhere. Many yoga classes are more doable, many more difficult; but none are as doable and difficult as yogaHOUR (that is the aim anyway). YogaHOUR also aims to supply maximum flow and maximum form per pose.

Saturday, April 23rd, 12-3pm
Sunday, April 24th, 1-4pm

$30/session or $50 for both earlybird pricing before 4/16
$35/session or $60 for both after 4/16
yoga teacher DISCOUNT (any style, any studio): $25/ session, or $40/both

* This workshop is recommended for anyone who has no significant injuries or limitations.

leg lifts twist variation stage 2

Maha Yoga 200-Hour Yogahour Teacher Training!

Become a YOGA teacher!

200-Hour Yogahour Teacher Training

Maha Yoga’s 200-Hour Yogahour® Teacher Training is a Yoga Alliance® approved program. Yogahour® is a dynamic style of yoga that provides form and flow in a skillfully taught, fun-filled hour. Yogahour® is an accessible, affordable, expertly taught style of yoga that aims to be the most doable yet difficult one-hour class offered anywhere.

Graduates of Maha Yoga’s 200-hour Yogahour® Teacher Training program are able to register as a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) through Yoga Alliance®. This registry makes you a good candidate for getting hired to teach many styles of yoga. You can take this training to become a yogahour®  teacher. Or you can take this training and use the expert teaching technology to empower your personal practice and/or teaching of any style of yoga.

This training is for you if you have the desire to dive deeper into your yoga practice, expand your understanding of asana and alignment, and share your love of yoga with others. This 200 hour program is beneficial for both new teachers seeking a strong foundation for their teaching career and experienced teachers looking for expert teaching technologies to bring clarity and precision to their instruction. All graduates also have the option to become a yogahour® certified teacher, which includes a yogahour® specific test. Whether your aim is to teach or to polish your personal practice, this program will provide you with the necessary tools to achieve your aim.

Maha Yoga’s 200-Hour Yogahour® Teacher Training consists of ten weekend sessions over six months. Weekend schedule: Fridays 6-9pm, Saturdays 12-8:30pm, and Sundays 10am-6:30pm (includes a 90 minute lunch break).


Earlybird paid in full by Dec 30: $2695
Earlybird paid in full by start of training: $2895
Payment Plan: $3195 (customizable to fit your budget)

* Required reading materials not included.

The training will be taught by Maha Yoga instructor Teagan Schweitzer along with Darren Rhodes, founder of yogahour®, and Ellen Neidringhaus, yogahour® Teacher Trainer.


Official yogahour Teacher Training Certification 200-hour Program

The yogahour Teacher Training program is an approved 200-hour program by Yoga Alliance. Graduates of the 200-hour yogahour Teacher Training program get two things. One is the ability to register as n RYT at the 200-hour level. This registry makes you a good candidate for getting hired to teach many expressions of yoga.

The second opportunity is to become a certified yogahour instructor. To obtain yogahour certification, the yogahour test must be passed. You may take this training to become a yogahour teacher. You may also take this training and not teach yogahour, but instead use the expert teaching technology to empower your teaching. The training consists of ten weekend sessions over four months.

2015 Dates
June 5-7 , June 12-14, June 26-28 , July 10-12 , July 24-26 , July 31-Aug 2 , Aug 14-16 , Aug 21-23 , Sept 11-13, Sept 18-20.
Schedule each weekend: Friday 6-9pm, Saturday noon-8:30pm, Sunday 10am-6:30pm.
All sessions meet at Maha Center City.

Pay in full my May 15, 2015: $2700
Payment plan, customizable to meet you rneeds: $3095. ($1000 deposit to hold your space)

For additional information, please contact Teagan at




Maha Yoga Teacher Training

Maha Yoga Immersion + Teacher Training Certification

5-week Format SUMMER 2015

The Maha Yoga Teacher Training is a thorough, effective program designed to deepen your yoga practice and deliver the key skills needed to lead outstanding yoga classes. The best yoga classes integrate fun, movement and alignment within the larger context of yoga’s rich history.

Throughout the course of this training, you are guaranteed to first transform your own yoga practice and up-level your personal health in the Yoga Immersion, and then develop practical techniques to share your authentic wisdom with others in meaningful yoga classes. The training begins with a 50-hour Yoga Immersion (co-taught by Zhenja and Justicia), where you will learn alignment principles and work on your own poses; after that; you may continue for 150 hours on the art and science of teaching.

This course covers:

  • Thorough, in-depth asana practice of all categories of yoga poses, including standing postures, balancing poses, arm balances, inversions, backbends, twists, seated poses, hip openers and forward bends. Learn to adapt and modify these poses for different bodies, and expect to thoroughly deepen and polish your own practice.

  • Principles of alignment, anatomy, and kinesiology, and their relevant application to all types of poses.

  • How to develop a strong home practice, which is the most potent way to keep your teaching fresh and inspired.

  • Skillful sequencing strategies for beginner, open levels, and intermediate/advanced groups. Includes various templates for class.

  • Developing meaningful themes, and a structure to weave themes in to your class that gives your students deeper insight and understanding.

  • Effective verbal and physical adjustments that give you a clear, confident approach.

  • Progressive science of teaching inversions, from addressing raw beginners to advanced practitioners.

  • Pranayama and meditation techniques, and how to expertly teach these in public classes.

  • Yoga therapeutics, or how to use the science of yoga to heal common aches and pains in the physical body.

  • Survey of common yoga injuries, and how to empower yourself and your students to practice in a way that promotes radiant health.

  • History and philosophy of yoga and its practical relevance to the modern day yogi.

  • Yoga lifestyle, which includes diet discussion, daily practices, and the simple wisdom of ayurveda you can use to thrive and lead by example.

  • The business of yoga, including how to market yourself and grow


  • Your teaching career post-graduation.

2015 Summer Dates
Immersion: June 15-19
Teacher Training: June 22- July 17

Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm each day
Includes one hour lunch break. No session on July 3.
All sessions meet at Maha Center City.

Testimonials from graduates:

I signed up for teacher training with Maha, to further my own yoga practice and to learn from teachers that I had come to respect as ‘expert witnesses’ of the yoga practice, movement, function and dysfunction of the body. It was a remarkable experience. I feel everything I have learned will enhance my practice as a bodyworker and yoga teacher.”-L.H., 2012

I have experienced first-hand how your [Justicia’s] expert knowledge of anatomy and how to apply it to our yoga asana practice, helps heal people on physical, emotional, energetic and mental levels. It s an absolute joy to be a part of this fun, safe and pure space you hold for this community. And the best part, I think, is taking this into my classes, to share with other students, and watching them learn and expand to new possibilities in their own practice.  I’m seeing the progress in real-time. Thank you! -S.R., 2013

The Maha Immersion/Teacher Training program not only provided me with the skills to teach safe and healthy alignment, but also provided an opportunity for personal growth and empowerment. This transformative experience has elevated all corners of my life and for that I am very grateful. -anonymous, 2014

Registered with the Yoga Alliance.
Pay in full by May 15, 2015: $2895 (includes Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training)
Pay in full by June 20, 2015: $3095 (Great option if you want to start with Immersion, then decide to continue on to TT)
Payment Plan: $3395 (customizable to fit your financial needs)

To apply for attendance in the Summer Immersion and/or Teacher Training, contact


yogahour long

Become a Yogahour Pro (The Yogahour Pro Series)

When: Saturday, February 28th, 1:30-3:30pm
Where: Maha Yoga & Healing Arts
Cost: $15 by 2/21 or $20 after

  • Do you ever feel like yogahour classes are a little too fast to ask questions or master a certain pose?
  • Do you want to become a more skillful yoga practitioner?

Then this is the workshop for you!!!

In each Yogahour Pro workshop Teagan will break down a one-hour sequence over the course of 2 hours. We will refine and delve deeper into proper alignment. We will have time to work on the more challenging poses, including different ways to access them. And you will have time to ask questions.

The benefit of this format is that it offers you, the student, the opportunity to increase your knowledge of the yogahour poses and take your practice to a whole new level.

Yogahour is an accessible, affordable, expertly taught flow class that offers clear and specific alignment instructions. It was founded by master teacher Darren Rhodes of Tucson, AZ and can now be found at yoga studios worldwide.

Yogahour classes are based on a small number of set sequences. Although not all yogahour teachers teach only these sequences, they are the foundation of the practice. These sequences are designed by Darren and other certified yogahour teachers. Each month of 2015 Maha Yoga & Healing Arts will be highlighting one of these set sequences in some (but certainly not all) of the yogahour classes.

In addition, Teagan will be teaching the same set sequence in a 2-hour workshop format once a month. This workshop will allow more time to break down the poses and for students to ask any and all questions they might have about the poses that appear in any given sequence. This workshop is an invitation to expand your yoga practice in a very accessible, affordable, and expertly taught way in the context of fun!

tropical handstand

Change Your Perspective: Immersions in Your Yoga Practice

When: Saturday, March 7th, 1:30-3:30pm
Where: Focus Barre & Yoga
Cost: $30

In this workshop we will cover the foundational knowledge you need to go upside down in your yoga practice. We will work on handstand, forearm stand, headstand, and shoulderstand. These poses can be very intimidating and take many years to perfect. But the information you will learn in this workshop will get you well on your way to mastering them. This workshop is suitable for both beginners and more experienced yogis. The level of the workshop will cater to all those in attendance.

Teagan has been practicing yoga for 10 years and teaching it for 8. She has extensive training in a variety of styles of yoga and combines the wisdom from all of the styles to provide her students with the best possible experience on the mat. She loves teaching workshops and encourages all students to embrace their potential and see their highest selves.

Teagan eka pada bakasana

Take Your Arm Balances To The Next Level at Focus Barre & Yoga

October 18 @ 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

In this workshop we will dig deep into the skills that you need to stick your arm balances with confidence. We will build a strong foundation in bakasana (crow or crane) and parsva bakasana. Then we will get more playful and explore some other, perhaps less familiar, arm balances.

The workshop is open and accessible to yogis of all levels. Whether you are newer to yoga and arm balancing or have been practicing for years, you’re sure to walk away with some gems that will take your arm balances to the next level!

Teagan has been practicing yoga for 9 years and teaching it for 8. She has extensive training in a variety of styles of yoga and combines the wisdom from all of the styles to provide her students with the best possible experience on the mat. She loves teaching workshops and encourages all students to embrace their potential and see their highest selves.

Cost: $30


Why is a regular yoga practice important for dancers?

As a dancer for my entire life and a yoga practitioner for the past 9 years I can speak directly to the benefits of a consistent yoga practice for dancers. Having a dedicated yoga practice has allowed me to continue dancing when I once thought I would have to stop completely due to an injury. And practicing yoga has improved my dancing and my life in innumerable ways.

1. Yoga builds strength and flexibility.

Teagan triangle

As a dancer, flexibility is often a primary focus. However, the reality over time is that working solely on your flexibility without counterbalancing that with strength can, and most likely will, lead to injuries. To increase your flexibility in a sustainable and safe manner, you must know how to engage your muscles first and then stretch. Yoga, taught correctly, will give you the skills you need to stretch with strength. At the end of the day, for the health and well-being of your body and your dancing, you need to be as strong as you are flexible, and as flexible as you are strong.



2. It is a great way to “put your body back together” and/or keep your body in good alignment.

PrasaritaA number of styles of yoga, including the one that I teach, focus on proper or optimal alignment for the body. Because of this, practicing yoga can increase your body awareness and help you to find the healthiest and most sustainable ways to move and heal your body. Yoga is a great way to balance out any asymmetries in the body that arise from dance or from any other aspect of your life.





3. Yoga promotes and enhances your mind-body connection.

yoga seat

Having the space to work with your body as it is, rather than as you wish it would be, is a wonderful gift. A yoga class creates the space for this to happen. Learning to listen to your body and what it wants is very important to both the mental and physical health of any dancer. A yoga practice asks you to become more involved in your mind-body connection so that you can listen and respond to what is best for you on any given day; to back off when you need to or to push further when you can. The heightened awareness that you develop through yoga helps you to be both healthier and happier.


4. Yoga is a great way to build community.

Maha savasana

Yoga classes are a fantastic way to meet new and wonderful people. I have always found that yogis are extremely friendly. Especially if you attend a yoga class regularly, you will begin to see the same people over and over and will inevitably become friendly with them. Yoga classes build a supportive and positive community, that helps to uplift everyone involved.

Urdhva Danurasana

Backbends for People who Don’t Like Backbends at Maha Yoga

Sunday, September 28, 1-3pm

Are you someone who finds backbends challenging? Do you, perhaps, loathe, despise, or even hate backbends? Believe me, you are not alone, and this is the perfect workshop for you. Backbends can be difficult for a number of reasons. Anything from previous injuries, to tightness in certain areas of your body, to misalignment in your poses can cause backbends to be painful rather than liberating.

In this workshop we will work through a sequence specifically designed to prepare your body for backbends in a gentle, sensitive way. We will talk through common misalignments and how to adjust your body to bring it into a safer and healthier shape in a variety of poses. And we will discuss how to manage backbends when you are dealing with injuries.

As a yoga student, Teagan has been struggling with and through backbends for years. Through lots of serious study she has come to peace with her feelings about backbends and there are even days where she enjoys them. She understands and empathizes with the difficulties that come with backbending poses and is looking forward to sharing her insights and wisdom with you.

Cost: Early bird price $25 until 9/21, $35 after.