Yoga for Runners Workshop

There are many benefits to running, including building muscle strength, burning fat, keeping your heart and lungs strong, your blood pressure in check, and reducing the risk of heart attack. However, running can also result in injuries such as pulled muscles or joint pain due to imbalances in the body that become exaggerated over time.

This is why, if you are a runner, having a yoga practice to build flexibility and bring balance to your body is essential.

In this workshop we will focus on the hamstrings, hips, and core strengthening. We will work with a sequence specifically designed to help bring balance and flexibility to your body where you need it most so that you can run at your best.

The timing of this workshop is perfect for those planning to run in the Broad Street Run on Sunday, May 4th.

If you run, this is the workshop for you!


Sunday, April 13th, 1:30-4pm


Maha Yoga and Healing Arts

1700 Sansom St, 6th Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19103


$25 early bird by 4/6 or $35 after

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